People communities evolve from job boards #SHRM12 #DICELOUNGE

I’m in the #DiceLiveLounge at #SHRM12. My friend John Sumser is holding court, with Tom Silver, from our hosts @employersondice. John is asking about the changing role of job boards, and the job market in general. It’s inspiring to hear Tom speaking about what their technical candidates and employers want from Dice. it is a […]

#SHRM12 Opening Keynote: Condoleezza Rice: tapping human potential #SHRM12 #DICE

I’m at #SHRM12 Atlanta along with 15000 other people crammed in to a huge auditorium,. I’m blooging live from the #DICELOUNGE with a gang of bloggers.. It looks more like a rock concert the logistics have been fantastic, with over 700 volunteers making sure all the guests are looked after. Rice opens by talking about […]

Engaging Employees (With Infogphic from @madisonpgroup) #SHRM12

It’s going to be a busy week here in Atlanta. I’ve just got in and my body is confused because it thinks it is 8.00am and I should be getting up, whilst the time is 3.00am and I should be sleeping! I left Amsterdam this morning after a great #truAmsterdam. The events seem to be […]

Bloggers, Vendors And Other Stuff For #SHRM12

At the end of next week I’m off to #SHRM12 in Atlanta and I’m excited. I’m a bit giddy because this is a huge conference/ with over 10,000 people attending. I’ve never been to a conference of this size (unless you count #SXSW and I really only party hopped there),    and there’s lots of […]