Sunday Shout Out

Sunday ShoutOut: Kevin W Grossman – The Talent Culturist #TChat

This weeks Sunday ShoutOut goes to my friend Kevin Grossman, who I first connected with about 3 years ago on twitter. Since then he has been a constant in most of the channels I hang out in. I’ve also met Kevin a few times in person and I’ve always enjoyed his company. Kevin has recently […]

Sunday ShoutOut: @KellyJRobinson – King Of The Bean

I was going to title this post Mr.Bean, but that didn’t quite match up to the message I want to portray. There is no similarity between the calamitous character portrayed by Rowan Atkinson, and the C.E.O. of on-line recruiting technology Broadbean. Rowan Atkinson aside though, it is a title that fits because Robinson lives and […]

Sunday ShoutOut: Jerome Ternynck – The Smart Recruiter

I like people who are disruptive and do things in different ways. People who challenge the status quo and don’t just do what everyone else does because thats the way things are done. A year ago today I first met Jerome at #TalentnetLive in SanAntonio. I know it was a year ago today because it […]

Sunday ShoutOut: Gerry Crispin. The cat in a hat.

Gerry Crispin is a name synonymous with recruiting, and in particular the candidate experience. Gerry has been the people’s champion for as long as I can remember, pointing out the failings in technology and process, and why this might be important. In 1994 Crispin founded CareerXRoads, along with partner in crime Mark Mehler, to research, […]

Sunday ShoutOut: Mark Rice: @AndsomePeople: Simple Social Recruiting

Mark Rice runs brilliant social recruiting campaigns for clients. Campaigns that get people connected and hired, and campaigns that get recognised by peers and win awards. The latest award was the #CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards. The business that Mark is co-founder and Creative Director of, the iconic Andsome People, was nominated in 4 categories (2 […]

Sunday ShoutOut: Laurie Ruettimann – The Original HR Punk

This Sunday shoutout is a real pleasure to do. Ruettimann is a bloggers blogger. Possibly the biggest celebrity blogger in the HR space. She is often imitated, but never emulated, and imitation is the biggest form of flattery. I could never write like Laurie, though I have studied her style since the PunkRockHR days. (Ruettimanns […]

Sunday ShoutOut: Curtis Midkiff @SHRMSocmedGuy

I’ve just got back from #SHRM12 in Atlanta, a fantastic event that attracted close to 20,0000 people. I managed to catch a few sessions but I spent most of my time for the first two days in the hive. The hive was a brilliant collaboration between Dice.Com and SHRM, providing support and advice to any […]

Sunday Shoutout: Steve Browne (@SBrowneHR)

The book Social Gravity by my friends at Talent Anarchy, Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerdastandt has become my networking Bible. In the book, Joe and Jason talk about continually making intentional connections, and two of the areas that they feature extensively are karma and “The Bank of Reciprocity”. I love what these guys have to […]

Sunday ShoutOut: Louise Triance @UKRecruiter

There’s always a lot of talk about building the elusive community. I think we are beginning to get there with the #tru events, so i know how much time and effort this takes. Communities need purpose, a firm foundation and activity. For a long time when your building them it can seem like you’re battling […]

Sunday ShoutOut: @Rruxx: Ruxandra Fratescu #TruGrad #CIETT2012

I’ve known Ruxandra since #Trulondon3, just over a year ago. I had the privelidge of being her mentor in the #truGrad program, we still speak often. Today is Rux’s birthday, which makes it the best day to feature her for my Sunday Shout Out. Ruxandra was an easy person to mentor. She had a fixed […]