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Happy Birthday @MackCollier #Blogchat tips

Every so often you have to use your blog space to thank people in the network you share who have helped you to develop. In the social age, people learn from the information we share, and while I try to do my bit, I get back far more help than I ever give. Today is […]

The 100’th Post with thanks to #blogchat

This is my 100’th post on this blog. The first was posted on 25th october 2009, a few days over a year ago.  What started out as a two month project to promote the first #trulondon, has grown in to something much bigger. Who would have thought it? Having stuck with it for just over […]

What I’m Learning From #Blogchat

Most Sundays I join in with #blogchat. If you’re in my twitter stream, it goes out at 2.00a.m. and although it’s scheduled for an hour, can go on from anything up to 2 hours more. Despite the time, I feel as if I’ve been to blogging college, and hope it is reflected in my blogs. […]

#Twitter Chat

I always enjoy getting involved in twitter chats. These are scheduled conversations, based on a #hashtag, with a common theme. The chats I take part in regularly are: #JobHuntChat – Hosted by Richie DeMatteo (@cornonthejob), Jessica Miller-Merrell(@blogging4jobs) and Nicole Crimaldi (@MsCareerGirl). This is aimed at job seekers with recruiters, branding and networking experts as well […]