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BranchOut Responds

I recently featured a guest rant from Dutch blogger Marc Drees, entitled “Hey Blodget, you better shut your pie hole.” with apologies to Marc, the title should have concluded “before LinkedIn does it for you!”. The gist of the post was comments on the significant decline in monthly average users of  the Facebook recruiting app […]

Guest Rant by @MarcDrees: Hey Blodget, you better shut your pie hole

I’m going to introduce this rant by reminding the readers that this is a GUEST post. I have a very simple policy for guest posts, you write it, if it’s not racist or sexist, or filled with obscenity, then I will post it. Simple! I was pleased, and a little surprised to get the request […]

BranchOut Grows Up, And Up, And Up

I’ve been watching the numbers growing on the professional networks that live within Facebook for a while now. It’s something I’ve been monitoring to see how they are taking off and growing.Like a lot of people, I signed up for BranchOut in the early days. I wanted to see what this new network was all […]

Helpful Social Recruiting Tools

I’ve just taken part in the monthly twitter chat, #TNL, hosted by Craig Fisher. (@fishdogs). The topic of the chat for July was “Cool Tools and Location Recruiting.” Leaving the location bit out, I thought it would be worth sharing some of the applications mentioned and there uses for social recruiting. Most of these were […]