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#TruLondon 5: You wouldn’t want to miss it!

The plans for #TruLondon are coming together, in what promises to be the best event yet. #TruLondon takes place on the 22’nd – 23’rd Feb, at The City Hotel, E1.  Their’s 40 track leaders lined up, coming from around the globe including South Africa, America and right across Europe. Participants are already booked from 12 […]

#trulondon in tweets

I love the way you can use Storify to capture content and post the tweets, videos and images direct in to WordPress and other social places. As excitement builds for the next #trulondon, this is just some of the twitter stream building up to the event, with a few videos from previous events. Enjoy! “@BryanWempen […]

Are you coming to #trulondon? Why the bloody ‘ell not?

Check out this great new video from Johnny Campbell’s SocialBPO: Great work Johnny! BOOK TICKETS FOR #TRULONDON

#truLondon is back! 100 Tickets Only!

#trulondon is back for the third time, once again with a slightly different and evolving format, spread over 4 days. The #truLondon unconference will run from the 16th – 17th Feb. #trulondon Masterclasses (including #truSource) will take place on 15th feb A special jobseekers and interns event has been added for the 14th Feb. This […]