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Light Bulb Moments From New Orleans #LASHRM

It’s been a few weeks now since I got back from #LASHRM in New Orleans. I have something I always do a few weeks after an event. I take some blank sheets of paper and I write down a few statements and words under 3 headings: > What do I remember? What were the light […]

H.R. influencing the 5% with @IncentIntel (Live Blog) #LASHRM

Paul Hebert is talking about incentive and reward. He is showing a scientific study that shows when you pay rewards, it has little or no impact on performance, but if you give first then ask for performance, the change is significant. It’s the law of reciprocity. If you ask people to commit to change before […]

HR: The CEO’s View. (Live Blog) with @hughweber1 and Rose Hudson #LASHRM

I’m sitting in the CEO’s session on HR. The panel is made up of Rose Hudson, CEO of the Louisiana Lottery Corporation and Hugh Weber, CEO of the New Orleans Hornets, and being moderated by Mary Ellen Slayter with Reputation Capital Media Services. First question: How do you define leadership. Hugh: Being transparent and open […]

On the couch with Dr.Dan (live blog) #LASHRM

Dr. Daniel Crosby is among other things a behavioural psychologist who specialises in change. He is currently working with the U.S. Olympic tea on behaviours and winning pschology. He is a top line speaker. Daniel runs the incblot organisation. I love his approach to translating science to mortals like me. Dan is talking about change. […]

Anarchy in the USA (Live Blog) #LASHRM

I’m at Louisiana SHRM in New Orleans, watching the opening keynote from Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt, the Talent Anarchy duo. Jason is the more corporate looking, and Joe is the angry looking one. They’ve been brought in to #LASHRM to do an intervention to spread their vision. They believe that getting on in HR […]