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Researching Talent with Linked In #In

Do we really know what candidates want in this market? Over the last 18 months this has been rapidly changing. Arie Ball, of Sodexo US, shared at #truManchester how people’s “wants” from a job had been rapidly shifting. It used to be primarily financial, but now it is very much job security. “Safe houses” that […]

Changing Face Of Linked In Invites #In

I recently conducted an experiment in to inviting people to connect on Linked In. I was expecting the result to prove that you needed to personalise invites to get the best results. This is the advice I’m repeatedly reading from the experts and coaches that advise on Linked In. I was surprised to get results […]

My #Trulondon – Random thoughts and ramblings

I wanted to wait a few weeks till I wrote my blog on what my takeaways were from #trulondon to let them sink in properly. For me, it was a great event. Logistically, we had a few problems and hands up, we made a few cock ups that we need to get right, mostly around […]

H.R. Helping Hands.

Whilst attention from the H.R. and Recruiting community is on this blog for the #HRCarnival, and in the spirit of the season, I want to offer some help and encouragment to job seekers in these sectors. This came about because I posted quite a long response on Margo Rose’s blog advising how she might be […]

Anti-Social Recruiters

I don’t want to bore you by continuing to bang on about Recruiters and their use of social media (or the lack of it.) We’ve done that conversation quite a few times recently. My concern is how many of those that are active use it in a productive way and how many are actually damaging […]