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Facebook mobile with @ChoRichard

There are 900 million objects on-line we interact with. Theres over 7 mn apps and websites that integrate with Facebook. Social makes the web experience exponentially better, according to Richard. There are 20 Mn applications installed on Facebook every day. There are 350 million mobile users on Facebook. most access Facebook more than they do […]

Integrating Mobile In To Recruiting #ATCSM with @TheAlphaFemme

I’m sitting in Carrie Corbins session at #ATCSM. She is telling the A.T.& T mobile recruiting story. The center piece of their strategy is having an independent career site that is optimised for mobile. Content wise they started simple, listing the basic information that job seekers might want, without over doing it. 83% of the […]

My Blackberry Is Not Working

For the last 3 days my Blackberry has been off-line. No internet, no twitter, no 4square. It is only now that I have come to realise how dependent I am on mobile internet. sorry to say that I have been a bit lost without it. What I have realised however is that none of the […]