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We Don’t Need #Tru

    Yesterday, I posted under the title “We don’t need #Recruitfest.” The post brought some great reaction and comment, not least from Miles and Ashley from Recruitingblogs.Com . They made some good points on why we need to continue the candidate experience conversation. What I should have titled the post is “We don’t need […]

We don’t need #Recruitfest

    I was commenting on Charlie Judy’s excellent post, “The Recruitfest Drive By Shooting” when I got the urge to write this post. The over-riding message I took from the 9 hours of Recruitfest streaming, and I watched it all, was that Recruiters and HR need to brush up on candidate care, and give […]

#Recruitfest TV: A Viewers Perspective

12 months ago I spoke at #Recruitfest 2 at Trinity College in Toronto. it was a hot day and noisy in the room. I took my track and we sat outside under a tree and talked about the whole candidate experience. I ran the same track 4 times throughout the day. It was a pure […]