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What I’ve learnt from 50,000Tweets #TruLondon

I went over 50,000 tweets earlier this week. I joined twitter in May 2009. My first tweet was “is this working”, followed by “Can anyone see this?”. I had no idea in those days where twitter would take me, or really what I might get back. I was just curious about this channel that everyone […]

Traffic Report: The Big 3 Social Channels

This is a really interesting infographic from Techvibes: I’m not going to add any more comment to this, but I thinkit does demonstrate how the channels are shaping up. Thoughts? Bill

A Recruiter’s Guide to Twitter

Bill is on vacation this week in sunny Wales so he has kindly invited me (Jonathan Campbell, Social Talent, @recruiterblog) to write a guest blog on his behalf. I run a free weekly recruiting webinar (nearly) every Wednesday at 4pm GMT and Bill helped me with last week’s entitled “Twitter: The Great Untapped Recruitment Tool”. […]

Take a look at the Twintettes

A new blog was launched this week, The Twintettes, and it makes me feel like a proud Dad. The reason for this feeling, is that this is the latest offering from 2 interns I mentor and manage, that have been implementing social recruiting for Jack Barton’s Oyster and Ocean Partnership, as well as JobshopHQ. They have […]

Turning Your Stream In To A Twitter Toilet Book

I have taken two sets of posts direct from todays twitter stream. These are real and have not been edited in any way. I have taken off the twitter names, not to plagiarise, but to protect the innocent, the guilty and the gurus. If one of these tweets belong to you and you can recognise […]

For #HFUK and #HireFriday

In case you haven’t heard of Hire Friday, it’s a twitter stream on a hashtag for posting jobs and C.V.’s, aimed at job seekers and recruiters. The stream started about 10 months ago by Margo Rose in the States and was picked up by Cathy Richardson in the U.K. The difference between the U.S. stream […]

BlastFollow: Follow The Hashtag

I’ve just found a twitter application that I think is great for finding new followers and follows that have a shared interest. It’s called BlastFollow, and enables you to follow anyone using a given # to tweet. With twitter chats springing up all over the place, and the significant increase in the use of # […]

My Inspirational Journey: Preston to Northampton

Tonight I took 3 trains to get  from Preston (North West of England for anyone out of the UK), to Northampton. To pass the time, I was re-reading a career book I particularly enjoy, “How to Self Destruct. Making the least of what’s left of your Career.” I was surprised when a man sat down […]

#Twitter Chat

I always enjoy getting involved in twitter chats. These are scheduled conversations, based on a #hashtag, with a common theme. The chats I take part in regularly are: #JobHuntChat – Hosted by Richie DeMatteo (@cornonthejob), Jessica Miller-Merrell(@blogging4jobs) and Nicole Crimaldi (@MsCareerGirl). This is aimed at job seekers with recruiters, branding and networking experts as well […]

About the conversation?

Every day, every hour, every minute somebody is tweeting what social media is all about. It’s all about engagement. It’s all about conversation. You get out what you put in. I’ve seen it all and mostly agreed. I enjoy the conversational element from the banter to the thought provoking post that screams out for comment […]