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Employee Branded At Oracle Direct #TruRomania

I’m a big fan of employees being encouraged to create their own employer branding. When you encourage people to take the initiative, they rarely disappoint. Oracle have been taking this approach over the last 4 months, investing time in creating Facebook fan pages and other initiatives to enable brand advocacy. I’m going to blog in […]

Great branding with YouTube channels, FaceBook and the timert.me app

I’m always on the lookout for cool, simple apps to share that I think can be used to enhance branding and recruiting. While reading the Facebook stream, I came across Timert, which is really simple to install and use.  Timert enables you to automatically post new video content from your YouTube channel on to your […]

What does this say about the “Employer Brand?”

Nothing original, but I watched this today via Facebook. Thanks to Hard Rock’s @AlisonMcCue. It’s nothing new or ground breaking but I think it speaks volumes about the culture and approach to work. Would you rather read the brochure or watch the recruiters documentary? I’d bet all the staff featured shared it with their friends, […]