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There is No Recruiting God

I was a guest on Paul Paris’s ex-recruiter show on Tuesday. During the call I made the statement that there is no recruitment god that brought a flurry of tweets and quite a lot of comment. To clarify for the hard of hearing, I did not say “There is no God!” Please don’t burn my […]

Where do i “live” again?

This blog is written for H.R. Carnival. Those of you who are not familiar with the carnival, it’s a great concept started by @Beneubanks. The idea is that every few weeks there is a new host who reviews H.R. related blogs on mass and provides a great learning library. I hosted quite a few months […]

My learning from #trulondon

All I can say is “Wow”. Thank you for supporting me in the start of the #trulondon enterprise. Before giving my thoughts and recap on the event it’s important to give a big shout out to the track leaders who worked so hard to make the event work. I think you all did a fantastic job […]

Don’t follow me on…

Twitter  is a great leveler and a real indication of where your brand stands. The reality is that some people like you and value your comments, some people don’t. The instant feedback element is part of what i like about the channel, as well as the opportunity to enter in to conversation and get feedback […]

More video and good luck Matt!

As you have probably noticed, we have been using video fairly extensively to promote The Recruiting Unconference London. #trulondon 6 was penned quickly as a tribute to the track leader responsible for putting together The Social Media Circus track for the 19th November. Matt announced this week that he is launching his new business Metashift. Matt […]

The Sourcers Challenge

In the lead up to The Recruiting Unconference London, master sourcerer Geoff Webb: A.K.A: @RadicalRecruit has set a challenge to test your sourcing skills. This is a great challenge that gives you the opportunity to test your skills at searching the internet in order to locate the track leaders of #trulondon. Watch the video, enjoy […]

Gen why?

Old time baby boomers like me sometimes have difficulty understanding the needs of the next generation. I seem to remember my elders saying roughly the same thing. UK graduate unemployment is currently running at 44% which is alarmingly high. I’m sure this won’t always be the case over the coming months, and despite this figure, […]

Welcome to the annual a**e kicking!

My view is that the appraisal system is an essential part of employee development. The problem, like most of the managments ill’s is not in the process but in the delivery. Sadly it’s often done badly and is massively demotivational when it should be the opposite.