#HRCarnival Day 3 – Video Twitter

Thanks to our technology sponsors.

20 down and quite a few more videos in the queue to go out. I’ve also had a few requests to resubmit, so obviously the high standard of the 1 minute video is surprising a few people. You have set the bar high.
In preparing day 2, I looked at Peggy McKee’s blog, “Medical Sales Recruiter.”

 What is noticable is that Peggy backs up nearly every post with a short video verbalizing the topic. This really works for me. It looks great and gives the reader a choice of format or a different feel. Once the #HRCarnival is over (and it looks like that will be about June the way the entries keep coming in!), I will be doing that here with my blog. I’m not a big fan of the video resume, however this use of video for branding is excellent, it brings your blog and your personality to life.

The other thing I have picked up from the great video’s I have received is how much you can communicate in 1 minute. Short, succinct, well thought out and communicated messages that stay in the memory. Restricting the video’s to around 1 minute has sharpened the delivery and the message. It’s a bit like video twitter. Didn’t we all question how we could communicate a message in only 140 characters and look how we have developed that skill, short video will be the same.

 Lets make more of video. If you want a branded platform speak to Lisa Scales at Talent On View, ideal platform for this.
In a few weeks time I’m going to be launching “The Video Booth” here on the site. Anyone can come and record a comment or viewpoint direct by clicking on the booth  I will then post them here as a new blog entry where anyone can comment and join the discussion.

 New posts to the booth will be tweeted out in the usual way. All contributors will also be invited to discuss their topic on one of my Monday shows and the really meaty ones will be followed up with a google wave. Can’t wait to get started!

If you have not submitted a video for #HRCarnival yet you can do so HERE.

Record your message and tell the world what you think is going to be important in 2010.

If you don’t have a webcam or feel a little shy, don’t miss out. You can e-mail me a power-point presentation of no more than 5 slides that include your photo and contact details. I will be posting these here after the videos in an animated slide share format. You can e-mail me at bill@billboorman.co.uk. Join in the #HRCarnival!

Now to today’s blockbusters:

Video 21 is from Steve Boese. Steve is the host of popular blogtalk radio show #HRHappyHour in his spare time and writes at “Steve Boese’s HR Technology” blog. In his real life Steve is an instructor for a Graduate course in H.R. Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. On H.R. and recruiting technology issues Steve has to be one of the leading authorities, he is also a thoroughly nice bloke! Steve is a track leader for #TruLondon 2.

Video 22 is from Tammy Colson. This is Tammy’s debut behind a camera and I think you will all agree that she has done a great job and it doesn’t show. Tammy builds  H.R. and Safety Teams for  companies that are either growing (hence have no function), or are going through troubled times.

 As a result of inspiration from HREvolution Tammy blogs at the interestingly named “HR Junkyard.” I’m proud to have made her blog roll and enjoy her sharp banter on twitter.

Video 23 is from Jane Dedek. Jane is based in the U.K. and is the Senior Solutions & Education Consultant for People Click Ltd. Jane is focussed on global talent acquisition and is responsible for working with clients to find the best use of software in the recruitment process. Jane has a keen interest in using social media channels to develop employment branding & employee engagement.

Video 24 is from Michael Glenn. Michael is a Contract I.T. Recruiter in Atlanta. He describes this as “Professional Nerd Herding.”  Michael is well-known for his blog “Glennlist”,  which includes plenty on recruiting and technology. If you don’t know Michael then you should take a look. What stands out for me is his passion for recruiting in general as well as his willingness to share his knowledge and connections.

Video 25 is from Trish McFarlane. Trish will be no stranger to most of you, being the powerhouse behind HREvolution, and regular contributor to all things H.R. Social. Trish blogs as the HR Ringleader.

 I really enjoy this blog, and  was pleased to contribute as a guest last year. Trish will be bringing the learning outcomes from HRevolution to #truLondon 2, to see how they apply globally. I’m really looking forward to that, and to meeting Trish in person.

Video 26 is from Kevin Grossman. Kevin is the C.E.O. of H.R.Marketer and is a real expert (my words not his), at helping  H.R. vendors to market directly by combining traditional marketing with emerging technologies. You can read Kevin’s thoughts on his leading blog at HRmarketer. I’ve learnt a lot from what he has to say there.

Competition  from Kevin. If anyone can identify the cap he is wearing in the video post your answer here. He has a special prize for you!

Video 27 is from Maren Hogan. How to describe Maren Hogan, she just is Maren Hogan!

 Maren is a marketer who has a passion for social media and expertise in talent acquisition from a career in executive search.

 Maren is now particularly focussed on building real communities that contribute, and became the Chief Marketing Officer for RecruitingBlogs Community last year. With all of Maren’s postings on R.B.C. and Twitter I often forget to read her own blog “Marenated.” One of my New Years resolutions is to change that, Great learning!

Video 28 is from Katharine Robinson. Katharine is better known as @TheSourceress on Twitter. Katharine is one of the main adopters of real sourcing techniques in the U.K. and is leading the way over here.

The last year was a big one for Katharine, when she made a big splash by really mounting a challenge to the established authorities in the dark arts in the SourceCon Grandmaster’s Challenge. Katherine blog is “TheSourceress”, where she attempts to bring real sourcing to the UK. Katharine is a track leader for #Trulondon 2 and will be leading a track on how we can develop sourcing as a discipline in the U.K.

Video 29 is from Lisa Rosendahl. Lisa is a senior H.R. professional, having served 10 years in the U.S. Army followed by H.R. leadership roles in public, private and government organizations. Lisa blogs on leadership, growth and H.R. on her blog “Simply Lisa.” 

Lisa is regularly found across most of the social networks and I find her insight really interesting. I think her military and government background gives her a very good take on what can be adapted from private sector in to the public sector. Quite a challenge!

Video 30 is from Kari Quaas. Kari is the community manager for CoolWorks.Com and is responsible for moderating the network, promoting it across social networks (she does a great job of this.) and helping employers to post opportunities on Cool Works.

 In addition to this Kari juggles running a small photographic business. I think it is really interesting to see the difference in images between the pictures taken by a traditional photographer and a web photographer. The two mediums don’t always cross over well and Kari takes some great web images.

 My Coolworks is a niche community primarily aimed at seasonal or travelling jobs. The community combines forums, chat, blogtalk radio, blogs etc . My Coolworks compliments Cool Works, which is the job board set up to promote seasonal opportunities or “extreme” jobs including voluntary work. I really like the dynamic way the community links with the job board and think we will see more of this in 2010.

That ends today’s offering. I’m really enjoying finding out more about the people in my network and just how much talent and knowledge is available when you reach out. The video’s are still flooding in and I will keep going at 10 a day untill we run out.

A few of you have also asked for the twitter names of the contributors. To make this easy when we have finished #HRCarnival, I will create a twitter list on my page and you can follow them all at the same time.

Keep an eye out for Monday’s radio shows which will be reviewing the key points from all the videos recieved.

Hope you enjoyed. Same time tomorrow now that we are in 2010.

Be ambassadors of great work.


15 comments on “#HRCarnival Day 3 – Video Twitter

  1. Another great set of videos! You guys are so cool! My votes go to Trish for best message and Kari for most entertaining.

  2. Can’t get enough of the smartest folk in the HR marketplace. Day 3 is no exception.

    Message winner for me – tied between Trish and Steve – connections online and off with technologies stringing the lights in between.

    But as for entertainment, I’m with Michael – I’m pulling for shag, pleather and bean bags to make a come back in 20-10, a “right on” space odyssey.

    And Lisa, you’ve all already made it cool for me. 😉

    Thank you again Bill for inviting me.

  3. Awesome job pulling all this together! You are absolutely amazing – great, great work!

    Look forward to seeing you again at trulondon!

  4. I think Lisa’s making HR cool is the best offering of the day! She does it well!

  5. Bill, the fun continues and the videos rock! I’m with Steve, awesome job pulling this together. Peace out.

  6. Competition from Kevin. If anyone can identify the cap he is wearing in the video post your answer here. He has a special prize for you!
    ———> Bubba’s Bar & Grill

  7. My first votes:

    Content leaders
    Video 14 is from Dennis Smith
    Video 23 is from Jane Dedek

    Style leaders
    Video 6 is from Andy Headworth

    Good stuff – thanks!

  8. Bill:
    Thank you for the kind words. I would like to extend to the readership an invitation. I would love to consider posting blogs from others like myself on my blog. This is a great opportunity to expose my readership to other experts. So send to me a link to one of your blogs that you feel would be interesting to my readership. If it is a fit, I will share it as a “guest blog” and give you full credit with links.

    And in the spirit of reciprocity, I would love to share my most popular blogs with you to post as guest blogs on your site.

    This is a fantastic way to build the value for our readership, generate more traffic and links and generally increase quality content on all of our sites.

    Send me an email with a link to a post that you would like me to consider.
    Peggy McKee
    “the medical sales recruiter”

  9. Johnny Nyk (@BKRecruiter) identified the context of my baseball cap:

    “I would say it’s an allusion to the band Rush and the drummer Neal Peart…”

    And he is correct! I’ll be sending him Rush’s “Working Men” DVD as his prize.

    Neil’s always cooking up something yum here – http://neilpeart.net/index2.html.

    Good times abound. Happy 20-10.

  10. I think Trish had the best message!
    My vote goes to Steve for the most entertaining head set out of all the videos so far. He came across crystal 🙂

    If I liked the way I looked on Webcam I would do way more video

  11. Message-Tammy Colson-you had me at “Hey y’all”. Entertaining-Steve Boese-who knew you could land airplanes and make HR videos at the same time.

  12. OK, for Day 3 votes:
    Best content: Too close to call, but if pushed – Trish for HR content and Jane for recruiting content (apologies to everyone else, this was a great day of posts)

    Most entertaining- Michael is hands down best deadpan delivery of Shag, Pleather and bean bags – of course most of the readers are probably too young to know what he means 🙂

  13. Bill,

    Thanks for summarizing my world so well. These posts are awesome and I look forward to seeing them all.

    My votes for round 3:

    Entertaining: Michael Glenn – he said pleather
    Message: Trish

    Also, thanks to Shauna for the vote! : )


  14. i just want to know… what is that THING on steve boese’s head in the video?!


  15. The moneywith currency is hot currency.

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