#HRCarnival Part Deux

Day 1 of the #HRCarnival Video Blog was very well received judging by your comments and  tweets. If you are joining the show on day 2, you can still view and vote on day 1 here.
To remind you, there are 2 categories to vote for each day.
1: Most entertaining video.
2: Best message for 2010.

You can vote each day by leaving your vote in the comments section. The over all winners at the end of the carnival win 2 tickets to a #TruEvent of their choice and will be crowned the King/Queen of #HRCarnival.

Here are today’s 10 ambassadors. Enjoy the show:

Video 11 is from Ben Eubanks. Ben got me involved in hosting my first carnival (and blog) with Career Carnival earlier this year. Ben’s blog upstartHR is well written with a healthy helping of humour.

Video 12 is from Jason Davis, otherwise known as Slouch. Jason was really one of the first to recognise the potential of blogging, first building a career in recruiting then creating blogging communities.

 He is the founder of The Recruiting Blogs Community that now includes PunkRockHR and CruiterTalk in the family. He is also behind a funky Twitter application #Hashlove that I really like. Jason is a track leader talking blogging at #TruLondon 2.

Video 13 is from Srinivas Gundelli, a sourcing enthusiast from London. Not to be put off by the lack of a webcam, Sourcerini as he known on Twitter created this video in Animoto.com. Welcome to the community Srinivas. Hook up with @Radicalrecruit, @TheSourceress and @JimStroud if you want some tips from some real sourcing pros.

Video 14 is from Dennis Smith. Dennis is a Corporate Recruiting and H.R. Veteran whose blog RecruitingBrains.com goes in search of recruiting intelligence. No puns please!

 Dennis makes some points that are very close to my heart, getting back to basics. For me its new tools, old rules.

Video 15 is from Mervyn Dinnen. Mervyn is an H.R. Recruiter who I worked with around 20 years ago, before even the fax machine was introduced.

Mervyn and I have been reunited through Twitter and enjoy regular, healthy sparring in the Twitter stream, being a pessimist to my optimist. (He would say realist!) You can read Mervyn’s views in his blog, “T-Recs, thoughts on recruiting and HR from a dinosaur who is evolving.” Mervyn is a track leader at #Trulondon 2.

Video 16 is from Peggy McKee. Peggy is a Medical Sales Recruiter and Career Coach. Peggy takes a no-nonsense approach to recruiting and job search and is no stranger to video, adding vlog to most of her written posts on her blog unsurprisingly called “Medical Sales Recruiter.” Have a look at Peggy’s blog for a great example of how you can use video to enhance your blog.

Video 17 is from Dan Nuroo. Dan is a corporate recruiter from Melbourne, Australia. Dan recruits in the I.T. arena and is a regular guest on the blogtalk radio shows. Dan is a busy blogger through his blog “It’s all about me,” where in true Aussie style he does not mince his words over good people practice.

Video 18 is from Jason Seiden, who needs little introduction. Jason is an in demand speaker and author as well as a  some times host on blogtalk radio. Jasons latest book,” Super Staying Power” is a step by step guide to staying ahead in this market, and has already received rave reviews. I like his honest approach to life, success and failure. Jason’s blog “Jason Seiden Says” follows the same theme and style.

Video 19 is from Craig Fisher, best known as Fishdogs on Twitter. I was lucky enough to see Craig speak in Dallas at #TalentNetLive and I learnt more from him about Twitter in a few hours than I have from anyone else. Craig now combines active recruiting with advising businesses on social recruiting, branding and social media in general. Craig’s blog “Fishdogs, career branding for social animals”, is packed with useful tips and advice.

Video 20 is from Bryan Wempen, known on Twitter as workforceiq. Bryan is described in his profile as an aspiring author (perhaps you should speak to Jason), and staffing expert. Through his business Get A Clue L.L.C, Bryan has developed a series of on-line assessment tools for employers and job seekers. His most recent launch “Get a clue” is a free job seekers kit that helps individuals to identify what they want from their next role via assessment, helps with resume writing and gives tips on the whole process. If you are a job seeker, or know a job seeker, this is well worth a look. Bryan is track sponsor for the “Candidate Experience” track at #TruLondon 2 as a result of his passion for candidate care. You can read more in Bryan’s blog “WorkforceIQ.”

This ends today’s entries. Please keep voting by leaving your favourites in the comments box below.

Later today I will be posting the call in details for my monday shows, when we will be discussing the videos. Remember to set the diary for tonight’s #HRHappyhour. I know it’s New Years Eve, but all the more reason to spend it with your favourite H.R. crew.

Happy New Year! Thanks for watching and keep being ambassadors for S.H.C. (More on this in my video or in my earlier blog post: “Learning points from #TruLondon.”

Till tomorrow,


P.S: See you in 2010!

12 comments on “#HRCarnival Part Deux

  1. Yay, another awesome collection of videos! Ben’s was super cute (and short) but my best message vote goes to Jason Seiden (Elle is so cute) and my most entertaining vote goes to Dennis Smith (OMG he was driving while vlogging!). Thanks for the HR Happy Hour shout out, I hope everyone can join us tonight!

  2. Yep, day two was as good as the first Oh World Dominator you!

  3. I can NOT bring myself to vote on these today, either. They are all different yet all extraordinary – kind of like trying to choose which child you love best. I don’t want to make Sophie’s Choice.

    Bill Boorman – you are da best!

  4. Another great round of videos – and so nice to put some faces with names/twitter handles!

    Vote for Best Video – Slouch/Jason Davis. Love the hat.

    Vote for Best Message – Dennis Smith.

    Great job by everyone!

  5. My votes
    Most Entertaining: Dennis Smith (NYE Resolution for you – make it through the year without a car crash!)

    Best Message: Peggy Mckee – “Do something Different, Do something uncomfortable!” I totally agree.

  6. Best Message – Peggy McKee! Lady after my own heart. Loved her message and hope that we all take the time to leave our comfort zones and be extra-ordinary.

    Most Entertaining: The Fisher 🙂

    Wish to See More of: Srinivas Gundelli, he is brilliant and would love for him to take Peggy’s advice & jump into video.

  7. Another round of great videos!

    My votes:
    Best Message: Dennis Smith
    Most Entertaining: Jason Seiden

    Thanks Bill!

  8. Solid messages from more good folk. My faves were Srinivas, Dennis and Jason.

    But, Dennis takes the message for me, even though I’m sure I saw Maria Shriver in the car Tweeting away while he vlogged and drove. Crazy.

    Jason takes the entertainment for me, although I really liked his message as well. I “Bea” a sucker for father and daughter messages.

    Happy New Year!

  9. Truly great work Bill!!

    Having seen the other 19 I just want to scrap mine and do another one!! Which is great, because they’re all so inspiring.

    Big thing for me is how it brings avatars to life – hearing and seeing people for the first time, it all seems more personal. And there are so many good ideas and thoughts it’s clear that we can all learn from each other.

    Can’t decide on my votes yet…but I do hope Andy brings the moose to Trulondon2!! A Tru event with pets has already been discussed on Twitter!

    And a happy & healthy 2010 to you and your family Bill…now take a holiday!! 😉

  10. It is so hard to choose! Today, for his creative work without a webcam, my vote for best video goes to Srinivas Gundelli. Best message to Seiden. I love Elle!

  11. Message-Peggy McKee, being uncomfortable is great advice. Entertaining (and true)-Ben Eubanks

  12. Tough day, great advice

    Best message: Bryan for HR message
    Tie between Dennis and Peggy for recruiting and general message

    Most Creative and entertaning, you have to go with Peppermint and Elle assisting Jason S., although Dennis takes the ‘most daring’ award and Srinivas best music (shame his went so fast, as tough to get all of his message)

    Note that no one can really vote for Ben’s post, although it is best in both categories 🙂

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