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#HRCarnival Day 8: Its a Wrap!

I’m drawing #HRCarnival to a close with this post, thanks to everyone who visited, left vlogs, votes or comments. I appreciate your support. The response has been outstanding and I hope you keep up the video work. I will be listing the most popular video’s by vote later in the week so that you can […]

#HRCarnival Update – Day 8

I’m working on day 8 at the moment to get the last of the video’s out to you. In the meantime, I remembered an old blog entry from Andy Headworth in his excellent blog “Sirona Says”, and i’ve reproduced it with Andy’s kind permission. If you liked your video and you don’t want it to drop off the radar with […]

#HR Carnival Day 7-The Show Goes On

  I was pleased to see the tweets referring to Video 56  from Blake Cannon on what he is doing to get veterans returning to the U.S. to get in to work. I think this has been the stand out discovery for me in researching the carnival and is to be commended. It also got me wondering whether anyone else […]

#HRCarnival Day 6 – The Cavalcade

I’m really impressed by the number of first time “vloggers”. I hope this trend will continue, it’s not so hard and really brings your pages to life. I have plans to do a few more things with video, so watch this space. If you haven’t recorded an entry yet don’t hang about. You can record […]

#HRCarnival Day 5 – Video killed the radio star

  Welcome back to the carnival and the show goes on. 3 things to remember for today: 1: If you haven’t submitted yet, you can record or upload HERE 2: Don’t forget to vote. You can vote by leaving your view in the comments section. You can vote EACH day for Best Content and Most […]

#HRCarnival – Day 4 in the Big Brother House

On to-day 4 and our next offering. Still the video’s are arriving. Keep them coming. There is no end date till they stop.    I’m really enjoying collating your ideas and seeing all the effort that is going in to it. It is a great way to see the faces and hear the voices behind the […]

#HRCarnival Day 3 – Video Twitter

20 down and quite a few more videos in the queue to go out. I’ve also had a few requests to resubmit, so obviously the high standard of the 1 minute video is surprising a few people. You have set the bar high. In preparing day 2, I looked at Peggy McKee’s blog, “Medical Sales […]