What the chatterers are saying

I enjoy taking part in twitter chats, and have made many good connections, got good advice and help from being a part of the conversation.
The hashtags continue throughout with postings throughout the week, not just the nominated hour.
This is what is being talked about on the #’s this week. Transcripts sourced from http://www.wthashtag.com, artistic wordclouds from http://www.Tagxedo.com, and inspiration (and idea) from Abbi Signorelli.




#HFChat (Hire Friday)

#CHRChat (Connecting HR Chat)


You can check out the dates and times of these chats, as well as reading the full transcripts at WTHashtag.Com.

It’s easy to see from the clouds who the main contributors are. Participation varies from 50 – 500 contributors over the hour. If you are taking part, tweetgrid makes following and taking part much easier. you can set your own load speed, and set columns to follow contributors of interest or pick up mentions.

This has been a great source of learning and connecting for me, and is a great way to really engage with a focussed audience. What chats do you follow?

Keep being ambassadors of social,


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2 comments on “What the chatterers are saying

  1. Thanks for sharing #SMmanners. It appreciated.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the #careerchat cloud! We have a great time with our Tuesday “regulars” and all the new people who stop by every week. You’re absolutely right about mixing the good time with the good information: Everybody learns something they can take with them and use right away.

    It also becomes clear what topics resonate the most; we had a record number of tweets from our 11/9 chat about networking!

    When I can, I also try to make it to #genychat, #hfchat and #cmgrchat. #TChat from @TalentCulture is starting up today at 7 PM CT.

    Becky B
    @MyPath_MP / @bbenishek

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