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Brilliant #SocialRecruiting Is A Marathon

Last year I had the pleasure of spending time with Mike Vangel of TMP Worldwide. Recently I blogged about the UPS Road trip Competition he put together for sourcing a high volume of contract staff from loaders to drivers to cover the Christmas peak. It was an impressive campaign that got real results. I first […]

Accelerating Talent Networks/Communities With Talent Maps #SocialRecruiting

Talent networks and talent communities take time to build. I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot recently. One of the most interesting businesses I got to spend time with last year was Talent Works International, based out of Northampton, who have 9 offices across the globe. Talent Works are an evolution of a recruiting […]

Skills are the new currency at BraveNewTalent.

There’s a new world of work coming. There’s no doubt that work is moving to the contingent model, with people bringing in skills for the short-term, completing projects and moving on. Jobs have changed, and so have their requirments. The skills an employer needs now, they won’t need in the future. The shift to the knowledge sector […]

Free Job Boards And New Recruiter Revenues?

I’ve been following the twitter stream from the Enhance Media Conference (#EMConf) today. The event covers all areas of on-line recruiting, and attracts about 450 attendees.I reported the twitter stream in my last post. It’s a long reading but well worth a glance to pick out your own highlights. There’s some real nuggets in there. […]

#EMConf:The Backchannel

Enhance Media hosted the U.K.’s largest On-Line Recruitment Conference today. This is the highlights and story of the back channel. Most tweets come from those in the room. Thanks for keeping us all informed! Best to read bottom up. I’ve taken out duplicates and retweets “ Well done to the @EnhanceMediaLtd team for a great […]

What do Google do with hangouts? #SocialRecruiting

I was sent a link this week from @JeffreyTMoore, about how Google students have started broadcasting live hang outs on Google+. Jeff is a lead recruiter for the engineering team on the East Coast, for Google. I got to spend some time with him when he came to #truBoston, when we were trying to work […]

Breaking News: Keith Potts announces Evenbase. A new global name in digital recruitment.

Jobsite founder Keith Potts  today announced the launch of new digital recruitment group “Evenbase”.  Potts,  takes the helm as Chief Executive Officer of the new business, which sees new responsibilities for key personnel in the team. This is a bold but logical move to formally combine the complimenting services offered by the companies in the […]

My Take On The @JobsiteUK Quarterly Recruitment Review #TruLondon

#TruLondon platinum sponsor, and good friend to #tru, Jobsite UK, have just released their latest results from candidate and recruiter research, that tells an interesting story. I always value this research published each quarter, because it is conducted by an independent research company.  HPI,  conduct on-line research of 500 job seekers and 200 Recruiters, (split […]

#TruLondon 5: You wouldn’t want to miss it!

The plans for #TruLondon are coming together, in what promises to be the best event yet. #TruLondon takes place on the 22’nd – 23’rd Feb, at The City Hotel, E1.  Their’s 40 track leaders lined up, coming from around the globe including South Africa, America and right across Europe. Participants are already booked from 12 […]